Escher, the magician of hyper-evocative design, on show in Rome

Escher, the magician of hyper-evocative design, on show in Rome

Real and reflected worlds overlap between dream and geometry, invention and visual perception, imagination and detailed observation in Maurits Cornelis Escher’s oeuvre.

From today you can admire 150 works by the Dutch graphic scholar at Chiostro del Bramante. This major anthological exhibition puts his artistic language into context, recounting the network of cultural worlds that contribute to his unique visual dimension.

We discovered Escher in 2012 during a visit in the Hague, where his Foundation is based and were so excited to know that so many of his works normally based in Italy would be on display in Rome. We went to the press inauguration and we were overwhelmed by this pure genius, one of the most influential artists of this past century.

We also took many pictures for you to enjoy, that are now in a Facebook album.

It was a really nice surprise to discover that Escher’s attraction to the extraordinary and the unusual also took root in his heart and mind as a result of his reaction at the beauty of Italian landscapes, from the countryside around Siena and the intensity of the sea at Tropea to Rome’s landmarks. He actually spent 14 years of his life in Italy, 8 of which in Rome. And his first exhibition was held on Italian soil, in Siena. If it weren’t for the brutality of Fascism he could have easily spent the rest of his life in our country.


The first section of the exhibit is devoted to his Italian journeys and stay. The rest is a free ride amongst his nature and science inspired works. Notable is for sure Three Worlds, in which foreground, background and reflection are depicted on a single plane.

The collection of symmetrical drawings will definitely amuse you. His flights of stairs, the convex and concave plays and his perspectives are also fun and intriguing.

A black and red metamorphose will really ignite your fantasy on the second floor of the exhibition while his magical ducks will enchant you in all possible shapes and contexts.

Last but not least the exhibit curators created an illusion room inspired by his designs and showcased a series of daily life objects and comics that clearly drew a lot from his art.

Escher observed nature, adopting a different viewpoint, so that the beauty of geometric regularity emerges, transforming it into something magical and playful.

His gaze unearthed the symmetry of volumes and the hidden dimension of spaces. His talent ventured into the boundless fields of geometry and crystallography to construct compositions of interior images.