Tastings of the ‘Best Wines in Lazio’ this Weekend in Frascati, near Rome

Tastings of the ‘Best Wines in Lazio’ this Weekend in Frascati, near Rome

Following the success of the first edition last year at the Scuderie Aldobrandini of the ‘Best Wines in Lazio‘, the prestigious wine-awards event sees the Fuksas designed Museum complex in Frascati chosen as venue for the second year running.

Over 30 different estates from all over the Region, not only Frascati, but also other varieties, including the Cesanese Denomination, will be present to offer tastings from the evening of the 14th throughout the weekend.


The event organizer, Luca Maroni, never fails to entertain and explain the work and passion that goes into wine making, which in the past couple of years especially has given more than a few headaches to farmers due to the adverse climatic conditions, but thankfully, has not dampened another good year and further increase in value. With the harvest only just terminated, the positive trend of increase in quality of the territory’s products, with Frascati DOC representing a long tradition and one of the excellences of the area’, is confirmed also for 2014.

A guided tasting of Frascati Wines will be held by Maroni on Saturday at 6.30 pm.


Part of ticket sales will be donated to the Frascati Council towards conservation of the artefacts shown in the museum, some of which date back to the 4th century B.C. mainly unearthed at Tusculum, and they will be a fitting backdrop to the event itself seeing that winemaking in the area dates back to the same period!

The awards presentation on the 14th at 7pm is by invitation only, but the Frascati Wine Consortium is offering invitations to the first 10 wine-bloggers to contact them by email or through Facebook.


Opening times to the Public:

Friday 14th November from 9pm to midnight €10

Saturday 15th November from 4 pm to 11 pm €15

Sunday 16th November from 11.30am to 8 pm €15

Ticket price includes all tastings.


by Michelle Smith, founder of Easy Frascati
photo credit: Michelle Ashbacher michelleaphotography.com