Happy 2014 Thanksgiving! American Food and Traditions in Rome

Happy 2014 Thanksgiving! American Food and Traditions in Rome

Thanksgiving is not a holiday in Italy, and actually few Italians know what it is, since it’s a regular working day here. But in Rome there is wide range of options to pick from if you are willing to go to a restaurant or a pub.

In Northern Rome there is one of the most traditional Thanksgiving appointments here. It’s at the cozy Italo-American restaurant Mama’s.

A new entrance for the Roman Thanksgiving scene is at the very other end of the city, near the Appian way, at Fattoria di Fiorano. Dinner from 7pm.

Another good destination is Vivibistrot, the restaurant/bar inside the Villa Pamphilj park. Dinner from 8pm.


These are the key high end events organized by Rome’s luxury hotels on November 27. The Uliveto restaurant of the Rome Cavalieri Hotel has both a lunch and a dinner choice and a take-away option. Menu here.

La Terrazza, the Michelin-starred restaurant of the Eden Hotel, proposes a four-course set menu with a donation to the WFP for a year of school meals for one child included.

A charity silver-lining is also offered by the Bakery House for the purchase of each turkey. Funds go to Save The Children.

The American International Club of Rome proposes a cocktail followed by dinner at L’Archeologia. Space limited to 40 people, gathering also open to non-members.

Hard Rock Cafe celebrates Thanksgiving with a special meal all day and from 8pm with a US style DJ set and themed photoshooting.

Thanksgiving pies and desserts are on sale at Home Baked Rome, in Monteverde Vecchio.



The downtown Highlander Pub serves for the fifth consecutive year a buffet dinner from 6pm with televised American football games. Karaoke session follows from 11pm.

The Irish pub Abbey Theatre, also in the city centre, features a full Thanksgiving meal and American football. Open mic show to start at 11 pm.



If you prefer to spend Thanksgiving at your own place, you will want to know how and where you could actually prepare your meal.Sweet potatoes (or yams) and squash are on sale at several stalls in the former Piazza Vittorio market.  Some big city markets should have them, too.

Order your whole turkey at the local butcher or supermarket, well in advance since Italians seldom buy the whole animal.

If you can’t make your pumpkin puree for the pie, you can buy pumpkin cans at the Castroni or Innocenzi food shops, where you will find the cranberry sauce, too (also available at Selli).