What’s the Buzz In Rome the last month of the year (Christmas excluded)?

What’s the Buzz In Rome the last month of the year (Christmas excluded)?

There we are at the end of another year! December in the Western world is characterized by Christmas shopping, celebrations, food etc. Rome is no exception to this. Actually, hosting the Vatican, the Eternal City attaches great importance to the religious feast.


But December means many other things here and we want to share with you what else starts and unfolds in Rome other than Christmas related activities and events. We will focus on Christmas in other posts. This one is for all the rest and for those who don’t really care about it, we write for the whole world, Christians or not!




Other than Christmas, the top weekend of the month is the one that starts on the 6th. That night, not only museums will be open until 2am with concerts and shows for Musei in Musica, but on the following day, Sunday the 7th, all major landmarks will be free. And for those of you with too much hangover on Sunday there is Monday too to visit your favorite sites with an extraordinary opening on December 8 (museums are usually closed on Mondays in Rome).




Stomp. The noisiest show on earth will be on stage in Rome from December 2 to the 14th. At the Brancaccio Theatre.


In order to celebrate the centenary of the start of WWI, the city of Rome hosts the ambitious, multimedia show A Farewell to Arms by the British crew Imitating the Dog. On December 2 and 3 at Teatro Vascello. Italy’s premiere.




The bilingual shows for kids at ExtraTeatro continue in December. On the 6th Vagabonds will be on stage.


Winx Club Music Show on December 27 (two shows) and 28. The first celebration show for 10 years of magic success. At the Conciliazione Auditorium.




Giorgia, the Roman singer who is possibly the country’s top female voice, will perform on the 15th in Palalottomatica, EUR.


Classical music buffs will enjoy the Prokofiev Festival. The Russsian composer’s vibes will be on stage from December 10 to the 13th at the Auditorium.




A one-off happening is the opening of the Palazzo Venezia national museum’s storages: paintings, tiles, porcelain, silver items and bronze sculptures. Guided tours until December 27.


Let’s go East. The exhibit “Discovering Tibet” kicks off on December 5 at the National Eastern Art Museum.


Beverly Pepper at Ara Pacis. The contemporary, monumental sculptures will be on display in the outer space of the Altar. From December 4.




Rome’s top contemporary art museum, MAXXI, has just inaugurated “Bellissima, a wonderful season of pure Italian creativity,” an exhibition about Italian high fashion brands from 1945 to 1968.




Nobel Peace Laureates gather in Rome on December 12-13 for the 14th World Summit. Gorbachev, Dalai Lama, Desmond Tutu and many more will attend the event at the Auditorium.




Good chance to see the Pope out of the Vatican, the Feast of the Immaculate Conception on December 8 celebrates Mary and her column next to the Spanish Steps with a visit by Francis. At 4pm.



The town of Canino, north-west of Rome, well known for the liquid gold it produces, hosts an Oil Fair on December 3-8.




Do you want to know more about the original, licensed, authorized street sellers of Rome? We already posted a story about them and now there is also an exhibit from December 3 to the 7th at the Rome Museum in Trastevere.




Environment and Human Rights in Latin America. Rome’s only indie Film Fest about Latin America will unfold on December 11-13. By Nuovi Orizzonti Latini. 4th edition.




Last but not least, We Run Rome, the last day of the year’s marathon. The 10km afternoon race takes place on December 31.