Rome Dedicates the 2015 Carnival to Christina, Queen of Sweden

Rome Dedicates the 2015 Carnival to Christina, Queen of Sweden

360 years ago the most influential foreign female figure in the very long history of the Eternal City arrived here from Sweden. Christina was a queen, an intellectual and a very independent and critical mind. She abdicated to the throne and became a catholic before relocating to Rome where she lived for thirty years shaping the artistic and cultural life of Baroque Rome.

When Christina lived in Rome, our city’s Carnival was more famous than Venice’s and one of the most renown all over Europe. The Roman carnival had been a tradition for more than half a millennium already and was bound to take place for two more centuries until 1871 when it was abolished for security reasons. That’s why Rome decided to honor the 7th edition of its newly reborn Carnival to the 17th-century towering figure this February.


Events specifically dedicated to Christina are a baroque music concert next Sunday, a history talk on the 7th, an academic seminar on the 12th and two shows (in Italian). The Angelica Library, which hosted the Queen, features a free photography exhibition about Carnival and the horse’s role in the Roman feastings.


Highlights of this year’s Carnival are the horse and costume parade on Mardi Gras – February 17 – starting at 4pm in Popolo square, the baroque fireworks from the Pincio terrace on the same day to mark the end of Carnival 2015 and the ancient costume party whose theme will be the Swedish Queen in the Corsini Palace, where she lived while in Rome.

A totally different, more modern kind of Carnival Party will unfold on Friday night, February 13, at the Shock Disco, in north-eastern Rome.

On Maunday Thursday, February 12, a Commedia dell’arte show will shed light on a local Carnival mask: general Mannaggia La Rocca.

Puppet shows for kids will unfold in Navona square from Maunday Thursday to Sunday, the 15th.



The area around Rome boasts of very spectacular celebrations and floats parades

This Saturday Felliniana, a Fellini-inspired parade, will please the crowds in Ostia’s seafront from 3pm.

This Saturday also, south of Rome, Velletri will start the 60th edition of its Carnival celebrations.

In the same area, Monteporzio Catone features a completely free Carnival from the 7th to the 17th.

Last but not least in Poggio Mirteto, north of Rome there is a unique sequel to the official Carnival calendar on the 22nd: it’s Carnevalone Liberato.