Top April 2015 Events: Easter and Much More in Rome!

Top April 2015 Events: Easter and Much More in Rome!

In a month that will be marked by Easter, its celebrations and food, Rome will surprise you for the non-religious events that take place in the first full Spring month of 2015.

But let’s start with another religious appointment: the Sunday after Easter, on April 12, Pope Francis will release the Papal Bull about the Jubilee, the official proclamation of the 2015-2016 Holy Year starting on December 8.

It’s not a religious event but it is called Natale (Christmas in Italian), it’s Rome’s birthday conventionally set on April 21. Another recurring event in the month of April.




Since it’s a warm Spring month, let’s begin with some outdoor tips.

On April 4, the archaeological garden of Ninfa (near Rome) open again after the winter closure.

If you prefer to remain in town, the Spanish Steps offer a wonderful view from the middle of the month when it will be decorated by hundreds of bowls of lily and white rhododendrons.

Rome’s rose garden (free admission) should open on April 21. Strongly recommended for romantic photo souvenirs.

The outdoor multi-language show about the ancient Roman emperor Augustus will be screened again from the 22nd in the Roman Forum.



On the very first day of April the Roma Foundation in the very central Via del Corso presents “Baroque in Rome, the wonder of the arts,” an art exhibition accompanied by special landmark openings, guided tours and cultural projects about Baroque art in Rome.

April 1st will also see a major conference entitled “Showcasing Raphael,” with speeches by International scholars, at the American University of Rome. Free admission

From April 24 the Vatican Museum start their Spring/Summer season with night openings on Fridays.

At the very end of the month, on the 30th, the World Press Photo pictures will be on display at the Museum of Rome in Trastevere.




Until April 4 the Gang of magic show will entertain kids and parents at the Vittoria theatre, in Testaccio.

A very peculiar mandolin performance by Italian and Japanese musicians will show how different and similar the use of this instrument is in these two cultures. On April 11 in the beautiful theatre of Villa Torlonia. Free, mandatory booking.

A week after, on the 18th the Latin-American Festival by the Latin-American Choir of Rome will kick off.



The Independent Beer Fest begins on April 10. Local home brewers will gather in the S. Paolo area, between Ostiense and Garbatella, for two days.

Right after this drinking happening and pretty close to it a food event kicks off: it’s the Soup Festival, in Testaccio. On the 12th.