Rome’s version of UBER? Scooterino, the shared motorbike!

Rome’s version of UBER? Scooterino, the shared motorbike!

Italy hasn’t found a way to regulate UBER yet but Rome is already up for something new, an evolution of the US online transport service. It’s Scooterino and it works with scooters, by far the best way to go around the city and dodge traffic.

Drivers will be interviewed and assessed, they have to be experienced – that’s why the age requirement is 21 – run a vehicle that can transport two persons, regularly covered by insurance, in good conditions and they have to bring with them another helmet for their passenger.

This Rome-only service works exactly like UBER. There will soon be apps for Android and IOs. You register and include your credit card details.

You will easily track the nearest scooter and see what would be the refund for your trip, usually in the range of 2-3 euros. When you get on the scooter you receive a helmet from the driver. At the end of the ride you pay your driver using the app.

At the moment there are 130 drivers available and 300 passengers. Member of both categories will get reviews when the service starts. The first 1,500 to join Scooterino will get their first lift for free (290 left at the time of publication).

The founder, the Italo-american Oliver Paige, 22, had the idea while waiting for a public bus and noticing that so many scooters without passengers were headed in the direction he needed to go…..

How many scooters are there in Rome with just one person riding them? Too many and it’s a waste of time and money. We need a urban mobility revolution made of quick, short-distance lifts.

Dreaming of an affordable Vespa ride in downtown Rome like some famous actors? Here’s your chance, comfortably on the back seat!