BuzzInRome goes to Milan for the 2015 Expo!

BuzzInRome goes to Milan for the 2015 Expo!

Five years after the start of this largely unpredictable adventure, BuzzInRome reaches out to Italy’s second largest city, Milan with a new blog: BuzzInMilan.

The Expo “Feeding the Planet, Energy for Life” is about to start there and we couldn’t miss this incredibly important and interesting six-month event.

We actually recommend all our readers to dedicate at least a couple of days for a visit to the 2015 Expo in Milan during this year’s holidays in Italy.

Doubling our energies and splitting up to properly cover Milan’s hectic life during the Expo is a big bet for us. We hope you will appreciate our effort and also enjoy reading what’s the buzz in the country’s most organised, dynamic and business-oriented city: Milan.

But don’t worry, we will continue to keep you posted about Rome. 2015 is crucial year for the Eternal City as it prepares the Jubilee, starting from December 8. A lot is going to happen here, too!