Rome Quirinale Palace Doubles Tour Itinerary & Exhibitions From June 23

Rome Quirinale Palace Doubles Tour Itinerary & Exhibitions From June 23

It’s official and it came, as anticipated, on June 2, the Italian Republic’s Holiday. The new rules of the visits to the Palace were announced yesterday by Italy’s President Mattarella and reflect his strong will to have as many people as possible in the Quirinale.

From June 23 you can book your visit on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays: 5 days a week without lines. The tours will be suspended during the month of August, the Christmas holidays and on June 2. And it’s going to be a collective guided tour (up to 30 people in each group). From 9:30am to 4pm (last entrance at 2pm). There is a nominal fee to pay for the booking mandatory service of 1,5€. It’s an 80-minute standard tour which includes the previous itinerary and adds the President’s study room, the Piffety Library, the Peace Hall, the Ladies Room, the Music Room, the Bees Hall, the Mascarino stairs, the Lille Tapestry Room and the Napoleon apartment.

For those who are really keen on seeing everything in the Quirinale there is another option: the extended tour. Two hours and half that will also show you the Savoy porcelains, the Coach museum and a part of the majestic Quirinale gardens. 10€ admission, last entrance at 1:30pm. Free of charge for those under the age of 18, half price for those aged between 18 and 25 and the over 65.

The tours will be held by volunteers of Touring Club Italia, the country’s main travel association, and of Rome’s University La Sapienza.

Bookings can be made online, by phone (+390639967557) or in person at the Quirinale “infopoint” at least five days before the actual visit, starting from June 16. 

Furthermore, many more rooms are now available at the ground floor for permanent and temporary exhibitions which can be seen without booking and have their own opening hours. The permanent collection will showcase material about the Popes, the Italian Kings and the country’s Presidents who lived in this historical building.

We are pretty sure that thanks to our new president the Quirinale Palace building not only will become the Italians’ palace, as he defined it, but also a major site in a city where it’s really hard to be seen at the same level of worldwide known landmarks as the Colosseum and the Vatican.

If you want to thank Mattarella for all this, there is a good chance to meet him at the Milan Expo on June 5 for his first visit to the Universal Expo Rho site during the Italian pride week that started yesterday to celebrate the institution of the Republic and the end of Monarchy determined by the referendum held on June 2, 1946.