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Rome’s  Best Pizza is Not Roman! Our Top Ten

Rome’s Best Pizza is Not Roman! Our Top Ten


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How many times have you thought of Rome as the cradle of Italian food, as the best place to try it in all forms and shapes? How many blogs, articles and tours tell you the wonders of Roman food? Too many, I am afraid as Rome is one of the worst places in Italy with regards to food. Seriously, it is very expensive and the local cuisine is one of the poorest in our country. Much better places for foodies are Bologna, Naples, Turin, Genoa, Sicily, Tuscany, Umbria and Puglia (not necessarily in this order). No doubts about it.

Anyway you’re here or are planning to come to Rome and you want to have the best pizza in town. And here we are to tell you that, of course, Pizza was not made in Rome first. It comes from Naples and Romans only got to know it a century ago during the 1911 expo, when each Italian region had a restaurant with local cuisine and Italians tried what people were eating in other parts of the country.

Roman-style pizza is an incredibly thin, burnt crust. Forget about it! Go for the Neapolitan version. Even if Romans are so proud of their pizza (biggest food mystery in town) don’t follow them while they’re having their pizza and go with our top ten.

Here’s a list of our favorite pizzeria restaurants where you can sit in and eat the round pizza at your table. A completely separate story is the take-away pizza.

  1. Sforno. Gourmet pizzeria with very high-end ingredients and unusual combinations of flavours. In Southern Rome. Its cacio and pepe pizza is a must. Their supplì are also worth of mention. Good service.
  2. Gatta Mangiona. Same owner as Sforno, it is in the Monteverde borough, the posh residential area next to Trastevere. Same style, gourmet with an exotic, international twist. Booking required as it is nearly impossible to find a table without reservation. Crowded place. Fried starters deserve your attention.
  3. Tonda. In north-eastern Rome. Again same owner as Sforno and Gatta Mangiona. Better oven (key element for the perfect pizza) and good service. This is a smaller place than the previous ones. Board with the Day’s Special Dishes and same kind of gourmet- Naples style pizzas you find above.
  4. La Fucina. No starters or fried stuff, here. Pizza only with the very best ingredients from all over Italy. Far from the city centre. Pizza is served in slices, one by one so that it is easier to share.
  5. Magnifica. North of the Vatican, this pizzeria restaurant is brand new and elegant. It originates from a pizza delivery service in this part of town that developed a proper restaurant. The dough thickness is between Rome and Naples. Love their Teresina, with semi-dry tomatoes and basil emulsion.
  6. Dar Poeta. In the very heart of Trastevere. Zucchine and chilli is our favorite pizza there. Long line. Cheap. The Nutella pizza is a good dessert!
  7. PizzaRè. This is the very first of the authentically Neapolitan pizzerias in Rome. Traditional flavours. Pagnottiello, a sandwich with pizza dough rather than bread, is also an interesting option. Various locations in town.
  8. MeidinNepols. The name says it all. Another 100% Neapolitan place in Rome with pizza and other local (Naples) food. Near Termini station.
  9. Pratolina. Our concession to the Roman pizza craft making, Pratolina is not far from the Vatican and is famous for its pinsa, the ancient Roman version of pizza, an ovoidale disk with the same toppings as pizza. Go before 8pm or book.
  10. Elliot Pub. Last in our list is a pub. For those of you who enjoy draft beer (never pair your pizza with wine!) and open air tables, this is a must. You don’t order pizza units here, but centimeters of very good, soft pizza. Cheap. No queues.

In order to view this article offline and get travel directions to the restaurants mentioned above you need to download the GPSmyCity Rome Walks and Maps app from the App Store or Google Play. All our posts turned into self-guided walking tours can be found here.

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