Coworking in Rome: Ideal Spaces to Enhance Experiences, Opportunities and Networks

Coworking in Rome: Ideal Spaces to Enhance Experiences, Opportunities and Networks

Coworking has shown to enhance social experiences, enable more networking, and provide opportunities to learn new skills—all of which can lead to increased happiness.

Independent workers’s happiness boosts their productivity but the social aspects of coworking are even more positive than the business side.

The need for workplace community applies to all independent workers: freelancers, telecommuters working remotely for a company, small businesses and startups.

In the era of technology and global competition, industries and companies are shifting the way they’re organized, and increase the use of partnering third parties and contingent workers. Therefore more and more people are looking for social ties, for community, for tribes and coworking is now offering that to them. Firms are becoming more permeable, which leads to blended teams and a growing need for outside talents and skills. Small and micro businesses, and independent workers also need to have a place to work.


Here’s a selection of coworking spaces in Rome. These are the ones that struck us the most, but it’s not meant to be a comprehensive list. Please add your favorite ones in the comments section at the bottom of the story.

In the Ostiense district you find Cowall, located in the previous headquarters of the Linux Club, and therefore with a natural sharing imprint. Before the software stage, this space was used to make silk, before that it was a dancing club. Inaugurated earlier this year, it now hosts 20 workstations and 6 nomadic spots, a closed doors meeting room, a lab and a kitchen where you can prepare and share your meals, for a total of 300sq meters. Price: 200€ plus VAT per month for a one year subscription.


Corte, in the multiethnic Esquilino area, started 3 years ago.  With an architecture and design orientation, it selects its members, looking at skills and CV. Open 24 hours a day 7/7, it also features a small garden. Prices vary depending on the status and the needs but the complete, unrestricted package costs 210€ per month for at least six months. It will be open to the public on May 7 and 8 for Open House Roma 2016.


If you find more convenient reaching Western Rome, we recommend Work[In]Co. Located in a house between the Quattro Venti urban train station and the Villa Pamphilj Park, it charges its members on an hourly basis: the cheapest is 15€ + VAT per hour. Work[In]Co also features a big terrace and a relax room. This Monteverde coworking space is surrounded by trees and is a very resting and peaceful place.