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BuzzInRome Starts Providing Self-guided Walk Tours With GPSmyCity

BuzzInRome Starts Providing Self-guided Walk Tours With GPSmyCity

BuzzInRome and GPSmyCity, a publisher of travel apps on App Store and Google Play, have just starting cooperating to provide you the perfect experience in Rome! We are converting some of your favorite Rome blog’s posts into mobile apps with walking tours in the Eternal City.


GPSmyCity Travel Apps: a Description

These travel apps linked to GPS technology can easily replace printed guidebooks altogether, but they can also replace guided tours and bus tours. E-guides take the worry out of exploring a new city without fear of getting lost while offering a level of independence a guided group or bus tour can’t duplicate. You can flee the fray by loading an app with itineraries made of a simple, immediate, turn-by-turn navigation.

A walk through the Eternal city from one site to another – museums, landmarks, entertainment venues, shops, food destinations and examples of daily life – auto-tracking to see your location on a moving map.

For a very small fee the app from GPSmyCity shows you where you are going. Self-guided walking tours steer you around , with a tour map or turn-by-turn navigation. The application comes with detailed maps and GPS-based navigation features that provide accurate directions.


Our Posts

We decided to start with our controversial Pizza post. A very honest article that was fiercely criticized by some local tourism businesses because, as usual, we were very frank and didn’t hide what we thought was essential. Being totally independent has a big cost for the missed revenues but is priceless in terms of personal satisfaction. Too bad many bloggers post whatever is proposed to them in exchange of a ride, a free entrance or a tasting. But most bloggers are not journalists, so they think they can do without the code of practice and the professional ethics which are strictly enforced here. Quality, first of all!

And then we proposed you a story for a tour of Rome’s permanently free museums. Anyway, you can download them and read them offline. You will obtain travel directions (by foot, bicycle or car)  to the points of interest mentioned in the stories. Many more posts turned into self-guided walking tour apps will follow and from next week we will also be able to have a promotion with giveaways of our articles. Check and like our Facebook and Twitter pages often in May!

In the meanwhile, please let us know if there is a tour you would like us to write down. Please leave a comment down here!

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