Christmas Holidays in Rome under mayor Virginia Raggi: a sad story

Christmas Holidays in Rome under mayor Virginia Raggi: a sad story

Totally ineffective on nearly all accounts, policies and urgent issues, our new mayor, Virginia Raggi, has tackled the Christmas holidays as a major concern.

Her approach has been the same as the very few acts she has delivered so far: to limit, cancel, shrink. So these Christmas holidays in Rome are definitely the saddest and dullest I can remember in decades.

  1. Fireworks are forbidden from December 29 to January 1!
  2. No New Year’s Eve concert!!
  3. The alternative bridge parties (all starting from 3 am) could be canceled for security reasons.
  4. The city-sponsored Christmas tree is unbelievably dismal compared with those of  other major Italian cities, like Milan – stylish, Turin – very original shape and lights – or even Naples – gigantic, walkable, a temporary additional landmark basically.
  5. And the official Rome Travel website a few days ago was suggesting Romans and tourists alike to spend New Year elsewhere, which is kind of unusual for a city whose main private business driver is tourism!

In our opinion the Christmas holidays are one of the best times of the year to visit Rome: a genuine and inspired Christmas atmosphere, nativities everywhere, beautiful lights and decorations, plus few tourists around make it a really special one. But we should soon change our advice if things remain the same for the next Christmas holidays….

Well, Merry Christmas Virginia Raggi, and please completely change course or we hope this will be your only and last one as Rome mayor.