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We love Rome, we know it, we live it.

However, we noticed, that most tourists only see its external beauty without reaching its soul. Rome has got so much more to offer beyond its historical monuments, churches, museums, archaeological ruins… There had been countless times in which we heard: “I saw the Colosseum, the Vatican, I think I saw everything in Rome.”

We are here to tell you – there is more to experience in this city besides seeing its famous worldwide landmarks.

Warning: we are not your online guidebook. In this website, you won’t find information about the history of Rome or the opening hours of the Vatican Museums. We aim to take Rome’s guide books to a different level. BuzzInRome will inform you for instance about the opening of a new museum, an interesting exhibition for you and your kids, and the details of your favourite singer’s upcoming concert.

Here you can find essential information to enjoy a true Roman holiday at the fullest, the kind you won’t find in travel books. Your guide book will have probably been printed at least 2 years before your visit. Do you think nothing new has happened in Rome in the meanwhile?

We will try to convey the atmosphere of Rome’s life, the latest trends, useful updated news, recent developments. Including all the interesting events for tourists to enjoy the Roman lifestyle even if you’re just staying for a few days.

We recommend that you have a break from the monotonous tours. You can choose to have a piece of home in Rome, doing the things you love. Whether it be activities ranging from eating to reading to your heart’s delight; cheering for your favourite teams in a game of American football or the NBA Play Offs; enrolling to a cooking or art class; seeing free concerts, exhibits and parades; having a day-trip in picturesque villages or in the middle of absolute nature only a few miles out of Rome.

We provide fresh information. And we hope that you will not only bring home a beautiful souvenir but a very memorable experience of Rome.

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