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Emirates Builds Up Rome Presence As Etihad Is About To Merge With Alitalia


After last night’s meeting between Italy’s Prime Minister Renzi and Etihad CEO Hogan all seems clear for the merger between the Italian flagship carrier and Abu Dhabi’s airline. A big, needed move to enhance our air transport system, so crucial to boost tourism in Italy. The first city affected by this change will be of […]

Gulf Sheikhs Take Over Rome: Their Investment Map in the Eternal City

Qatari Emir Sheikh Hamad bin Khalifa al-

A 100million euro megastore is about to open in Rome very soon. It is property of Qatar….   FASHION It will be Valentino’s flagship store. Valentino, one of Rome’s top fashion houses, was bought by the Qatar Sovereign Fund in the summer of 2012. And the purchase of the 1,000 sq-meter shop – 2 floors, […]

Valentine’s Day in Rome: Our Tips For the Most Romantic Week-End of 2014!


Paris, Venice or Rome? Which is most romantic? Well, we let you choose, but if many of you pick Rome, we would like to help you finding the right things to do to impress your better half.   For a historical review of why Rome has a lot to do with Valentine’s Day and who […]

Tourism Up 5% last year in Rome on Religion, Culture. Good Outlook for 2014


The Christmas holidays have just finished but the tourism industry already calculated that the number of visitors in Rome rose by about 4%, compared with the same period last year. And for the whole of 2013 things went even better than that with a 5,3% increase (total: 12.6 mln annual visitors) from 2012 and longer […]

Bicycles On the Rise in Rome as the New Mayor Ignazio Marino Curbs Cars


Biking in Rome sounds good and romantic but it’s not very practical. Rome is not flat, its center was actually built on seven hills. Furthermore, our traffic is a little crazy compared to most Western countries, drivers are very unruly and biking is seriously dangerous.   Biking can be done within Rome’s many parks, of […]

Pope Francis Boosts Easter Tourism in Rome, Surge of Travelers from Latin America

roma a dicembre

“Stay home and give the money of your overseas trip to the poor of Argentina,” this was the debut of Pope Francis with regards to faith-driven trips from Argentina to the Vatican. Quite scary for the Roman travel sector, wasn’t it? But things for the Eternal City’s tourism industry are going very well this Easter. […]

Rome’s Travel Industry Hopes a Brazilian Pope Will Boost Tourism Revenues


March will see the election of the new pope as the key event of the month. We want to examine this crucial moment for the Catholic Church from a travel perspective. We asked ourselves and some Rome-based travel companies what nationality would mostly boost tourism in Rome. Even if in theory all Christian males can […]

Skiing Near Rome is Easy and Fun, Try Campo Felice!


There are several skiing destinations near Rome. But one is in our opinion by far the most convenient: Campo Felice. [1] Perfect for a day trip, we particularly recommend you to go there on a working day when there are few people on the ski slopes.   GETTING THERE It is very easy to reach […]

1700 years ago a battle at Rome’s Milvian Bridge changed the course of European history


The year 312 ad marks the start of the end for paganism in Europe and a new epoch for Christianity.  1700 years ago, on Ocotber 28, two self declared Roman emperors, Constantine and Maxentius, fought for leadership in Rome. Constantine won, proclaimed religious freedom in the Roman Empire and paved the way for the expansion […]

September 13 is Rome’s Vogue Fashion Night!


Vogue’s Fashion Night Out is returning to Rome. This week, on September 13. 400 downtown shops, including all the famous brand stores here in Rome, will be open until 11:30 pm. Shows such as concerts and jugglery performances will start from 6pm already in the city centre with a special focus in Via Margutta, one […]

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