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Rome’s 2767th Birthday Celebrations on April 21 Dedicated To Augustus


National holiday between 1924 and 1945, Rome’s Christmas or Birthday has once again become only a city holiday after the end of Fascism. This year’s anniversary, the 2767th, features Augustus as its key player since 2014 marks the bi-millenary death anniversary of Rome’s first Emperor who gave his polity domestic peace after decades of civil […]

Doubts Mount over Rolling Stones Concert in Rome’s Circus Maximus. Where do you stand?


During their “14 On Fire” Tour, The Rolling Stones will perform in Rome. Tickets for the June 22 concert are sold out already with prices that were kept at the lowest level in Europe due to a specific agreement with the city government. In exchange, the British rock band got the privilege to play in […]

April 2014 in Rome: There’s More Than Easter, Pope Canonizations and City Birthday!


What a crazy time April will be! You can bet on it. Especially the second half of the month will see millions of people flocking to the Eternal City. Easter falls on April 20, the following day Rome celebrates its birthday and on the 27th Popes John Paul II and John XXIII will become saint. […]

The Great Beauty, More Show than Movie, Has Just Turned Into Rome’s Trendiest Tour


We’re not big fans of this movie nor of its director Sorrentino but we can’t help writing about it and see if and what effects it will have on our city. We saw this film in Autumn, before it started collecting international awards, and found it too ambitious and extreme. Hugely helped by Rome’s beauty, […]

March 2014: The Best events of the month in Rome


March is still a Carnival month this year. Tuesday the 4th marks the end of Carnival, with a follow-up on the 9th in Poggio Mirteto, near Rome. But March in Rome offers much more than that, here are our picks!   MUSIC Let’s start with the music scene, particularly interesting this month.   The British […]

Gulf Sheikhs Take Over Rome: Their Investment Map in the Eternal City

Qatari Emir Sheikh Hamad bin Khalifa al-

A 100million euro megastore is about to open in Rome very soon. It is property of Qatar….   FASHION It will be Valentino’s flagship store. Valentino, one of Rome’s top fashion houses, was bought by the Qatar Sovereign Fund in the summer of 2012. And the purchase of the 1,000 sq-meter shop – 2 floors, […]

Valentine’s Day in Rome: Our Tips For the Most Romantic Week-End of 2014!


Paris, Venice or Rome? Which is most romantic? Well, we let you choose, but if many of you pick Rome, we would like to help you finding the right things to do to impress your better half.   For a historical review of why Rome has a lot to do with Valentine’s Day and who […]

February 2014 in Rome: Valentine’s Day, Six Nations, Carnival and Much More!


Being the coldest month of the year, we really hope that February will stop the never-ending rain to bring us snow! It may be hard to believe, but Rome in white is even more beautiful.   2014 has a late Carnival Season, and unfortunately will not feature any official city-wide celebrations this year [updated post […]

Tourism Up 5% last year in Rome on Religion, Culture. Good Outlook for 2014


The Christmas holidays have just finished but the tourism industry already calculated that the number of visitors in Rome rose by about 4%, compared with the same period last year. And for the whole of 2013 things went even better than that with a 5,3% increase (total: 12.6 mln annual visitors) from 2012 and longer […]

The Christmas Holidays End on January 6 in Rome with a Long Epiphany Week-End


January 6 traditionally marks the end of the Christmas holidays in Italy, and Rome is no exception. But this is also a festive day as we celebrate the Epiphany (Befana in Italian). Nowadays, this is no longer a very popular holiday but through the 1970s it was the most important of the Christmas feasts in […]

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