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Rome’s 2767th Birthday Celebrations on April 21 Dedicated To Augustus


National holiday between 1924 and 1945, Rome’s Christmas or Birthday has once again become only a city holiday after the end of Fascism. This year’s anniversary, the 2767th, features Augustus as its key player since 2014 marks the bi-millenary death anniversary of Rome’s first Emperor who gave his polity domestic peace after decades of civil […]

April 2014 in Rome: There’s More Than Easter, Pope Canonizations and City Birthday!


What a crazy time April will be! You can bet on it. Especially the second half of the month will see millions of people flocking to the Eternal City. Easter falls on April 20, the following day Rome celebrates its birthday and on the 27th Popes John Paul II and John XXIII will become saint. […]

The Great Beauty, More Show than Movie, Has Just Turned Into Rome’s Trendiest Tour


We’re not big fans of this movie nor of its director Sorrentino but we can’t help writing about it and see if and what effects it will have on our city. We saw this film in Autumn, before it started collecting international awards, and found it too ambitious and extreme. Hugely helped by Rome’s beauty, […]

No Public 2014 Carnival in Rome. Our Favorite Nearby Alternative Celebrations

Ronciglione - Lazio's best Carnival

The Rome city hall decided not to refund the carnival activities this year. Cuts in local government spending are weighing on the 2014 shows and celebrations and therefore this Carnival will only feature private parties and events. The crews who used liven up downtown Rome during the previous Carnivals went to Fano, in the Marche […]

Rome River’s Embankment Walls Soon To Feature 90 Giant Reverse Graffiti!


Up to 9 meters high, 90 gigantic figures will temporarily decorate the Tiber’s walls this year. From Sisto bridge to Mazzini bridge, the downtown portion of Rome’s river, reverse graffiti will give a new face to this part of the city that is too often forgotten, excluding the summer months.   Reverse graffiti “wash” figures […]

Tourism Up 5% last year in Rome on Religion, Culture. Good Outlook for 2014


The Christmas holidays have just finished but the tourism industry already calculated that the number of visitors in Rome rose by about 4%, compared with the same period last year. And for the whole of 2013 things went even better than that with a 5,3% increase (total: 12.6 mln annual visitors) from 2012 and longer […]

What’s the Manger Scene Most Visited by the Popes? The Rome Street Cleaners Nativity!


The crib with most papal visits is a really unexpected one. Created in 1972 by Giuseppe Ianni, a street cleaner, it has rapidly become one of the key destinations of the crib & nativity tour that you can enjoy in Rome and in Rome only!   Located in a Rome Waste Management office near the […]

Why is Pope Francis Always in White? It’s For Much More Than Just A Colour Preference….


The first time Jorge Bergoglio appeared as Pope Francis, on March 13, you might have noticed that something was missing: the typical red cape. It was no coincidence, no style whim, it was the start of a new deal….   COLOURS MATTER Colours do have a meaning for the Catholic Church, in particular when it comes to […]

Fitness: Rome Is The World’s Only City To Boast Two Hard Candy Gyms by Madonna


Rome is the only city on earth that boasts two Hard Candy Fitness Clubs. Madonna’s latest creations opened contemporarily today after an inauguration party last night. One is located in the city center, near the Colosseum, while the other is in the city’s posh neighborhood of Parioli. Hard Candy Fitness locations include Germany, Russia, Chile, […]

Villa Lante al Gianicolo: a Tuscan/Finnish hidden beauty overlooking downtown Rome

villa lante

Rome was not built by Romans and the very few who made a lasting artistic contribution to the Eternal City were labeled with the adjective “Romano”. Michelangelo, Raphael, Caravaggio, Bernini, Borromini and Canova, just to name a few of the most famous artists in Rome, were not born here. And the Villa we want to […]

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