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April 2014 in Rome: There’s More Than Easter, Pope Canonizations and City Birthday!


What a crazy time April will be! You can bet on it. Especially the second half of the month will see millions of people flocking to the Eternal City. Easter falls on April 20, the following day Rome celebrates its birthday and on the 27th Popes John Paul II and John XXIII will become saint. […]

Rome City Hall Designs Three Walking Itineraries Based on “The Great Beauty” Scenes


Rome’s Mayor Ignazio Marino delivered his promise and the Oscar-winning movie the Great Beauty has turned into three tours for locals and tourists. The movie Roman Holiday in 1953 showed Rome’s squares and beauty for the first time while seven years later Fellini’s La Dolce Vita shed light on Roman souls. Allen’s To Rome With […]

FAI Spring Days Open Landmarks for Free in Rome & Surroundings on March 22-23


FAI, Italy’s National Trust, opens the doors of landmarks usually closed to the public on March 22-23. Free of charge, you have guided tours of 6 locations in Rome and 2 near the Eternal City. This year’s theme of the Open Spring Days is the bi-millenary anniversary of Augustus.   AUGUSTUS The Forum of Augustus, […]

March 2014: The Best events of the month in Rome


March is still a Carnival month this year. Tuesday the 4th marks the end of Carnival, with a follow-up on the 9th in Poggio Mirteto, near Rome. But March in Rome offers much more than that, here are our picks!   MUSIC Let’s start with the music scene, particularly interesting this month.   The British […]

February 2014 in Rome: Valentine’s Day, Six Nations, Carnival and Much More!


Being the coldest month of the year, we really hope that February will stop the never-ending rain to bring us snow! It may be hard to believe, but Rome in white is even more beautiful.   2014 has a late Carnival Season, and unfortunately will not feature any official city-wide celebrations this year [updated post […]

Rome River’s Embankment Walls Soon To Feature 90 Giant Reverse Graffiti!


Up to 9 meters high, 90 gigantic figures will temporarily decorate the Tiber’s walls this year. From Sisto bridge to Mazzini bridge, the downtown portion of Rome’s river, reverse graffiti will give a new face to this part of the city that is too often forgotten, excluding the summer months.   Reverse graffiti “wash” figures […]

Christmas Holidays Openings in Rome: Landmarks & Major Exhibits

christmas openings 2013

Rome doesn’t shut down for Christmas nor during the holidays! During the Christmas holidays museums, archeological areas, monuments and exhibitions may have slightly different opening days and hours. But there is always something open in Rome! For instance, the 100 cribs exhibition is always open through January 6 from 9:30am to 8pm. Here is what […]

Rome Celebrates Its Most Imperial Monument As The Trajan Column Turns 1900


Erected in the year 113 AD, the Column dedicated to the Dacian Wars (101-106 AD) won by Trajan marks the apex of the emperor’s rule. The most famous Roman freestanding column was supposed to tower above any other being. It was meant to reach the sky in order to honour the optimus princeps and his […]

What’s Up in Rome in December (other than Christmas-related events). Our picks!


There are many good reasons to visit Rome in December even if you don’t particularly like Christmas. We have to be honest: it’s cold, the days are short, the traffic is heavier than usual and shopping is not very convenient nor pleasant this time of the year. But if you have your winter holidays in […]

2013 Thanksgiving in Rome: A weekend of Food, Lunches, Dinners, Games and Celebrations!


Thanksgiving is not a holiday in Italy, and actually few Italian know what it is. But in Rome there are many occasions to celebrate this important feast for Americans since the resident US community is big, as well as the number of tourists from America.   Let’s start with the high end events organized by […]

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