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Rome’s 2767th Birthday Celebrations on April 21 Dedicated To Augustus


National holiday between 1924 and 1945, Rome’s Birthday has once again become only a city holiday after the end of Fascism. This year’s anniversary, the 2767th, features Augustus as its key player since 2014 marks the bi-millenary death anniversary of Rome’s first Emperor who gave his polity domestic peace after decades of civil war. This […]

What’s the Manger Scene Most Visited by the Popes? The Rome Street Cleaners Nativity!


The crib with most papal visits is a really unexpected one. Created in 1972 by Giuseppe Ianni, a street cleaner, it has rapidly become one of the key destinations of the crib & nativity tour that you can enjoy in Rome and in Rome only!   Located in a Rome Waste Management office near the […]

Rome Celebrates Its Most Imperial Monument As The Trajan Column Turns 1900


Erected in the year 113 AD, the Column dedicated to the Dacian Wars (101-106 AD) won by Trajan marks the apex of the emperor’s rule. The most famous Roman freestanding column was supposed to tower above any other being. It was meant to reach the sky in order to honour the optimus princeps and his […]

2000 Years After His Death, Rome Celebrates Augustus, the City’s First and Utmost Emperor

augusto 7

AUGUSTUS CEASAR Adopted son and great-nephew of Julius Ceasar, Augustus was endowed with extraordinary charisma and political acumen. Succeeding where his adoptive father failed, he ended decades of bloody internecine strife, replacing the Roman Republic with the Empire. 2014 marks the 2000th anniversary of his death and Rome celebrates this event with an exceptional exhibition […]

November 2013 in Rome: Picking the Highlights of the Month….


Christmas seems so far away considered the incredibly warm climate of these days but November in many cities of the world has a clear Christmas feeling. We will focus our attention on Christmas events and activities in a few weeks because nothing has started yet. There’s just one exception that we know of, so far. […]

Bicycles On the Rise in Rome as the New Mayor Ignazio Marino Curbs Cars


Biking in Rome sounds good and romantic but it’s not very practical. Rome is not flat, its center was actually built on seven hills. Furthermore, our traffic is a little crazy compared to most Western countries, drivers are very unruly and biking is seriously dangerous.   Biking can be done within Rome’s many parks, of […]

Messi and co Play Soccer Game in Rome vs Italy To Celebrate Pope Francis


Either you love soccer or not, this is the event of the month in Rome. Argentina and Messi, the world’s top football player, will be in Rome for a game versus Italy tomorrow, August 14.   It’s been quite a while since the last match between these teams (2001, in Rome), two of the best […]

A New Pope Highlights Easter 2013 in Rome


What a special Easter this is bound to be with a new, charming and inspiring pope! Francis has already attracted the sympathy of the whole world, Catholics or not, and will continue to surprise us, therefore come down to Rome and see this fascinating pontiff in action. Easter week is a very intense period for […]

Rome’s Top 2013 Exhibit So Far? CulturaCibo, on Food & Italy’s Identity


Food is not just material, it is also culture. And this holds nowhere more than in Italy, a country in love with beauty, either art or good food. Through April 7 the Rome Vittoriano complex hosts a free exhibition on how food is part of the Italian identity. It was curated by Italy’s top food […]

Celebrating March 8: Our Top-10 of the Most Inspiring Women of Rome


Rome’s long history has had many women playing major roles, inspiring noble actions and giving wise advice to men. Here is our personal choice of the most inspiring female models in the Eternal City, an homage to the International Women’s Day.   OUR TOP TEN    Rhea Silvia (legendary figure) mythical mother of Romulus and […]

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