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Gulf Sheikhs Take Over Rome: Their Investment Map in the Eternal City

Qatari Emir Sheikh Hamad bin Khalifa al-

A 100million euro megastore is about to open in Rome very soon. It is property of Qatar….   FASHION It will be Valentino’s flagship store. Valentino, one of Rome’s top fashion houses, was bought by the Qatar Sovereign Fund in the summer of 2012. And the purchase of the 1,000 sq-meter shop – 2 floors, […]

Tourism Up 5% last year in Rome on Religion, Culture. Good Outlook for 2014


The Christmas holidays have just finished but the tourism industry already calculated that the number of visitors in Rome rose by about 4%, compared with the same period last year. And for the whole of 2013 things went even better than that with a 5,3% increase (total: 12.6 mln annual visitors) from 2012 and longer […]

The Christmas Holidays End on January 6 in Rome with a Long Epiphany Week-End


January 6 traditionally marks the end of the Christmas holidays in Italy, and Rome is no exception. But this is also a festive day as we celebrate the Epiphany (Befana in Italian). Nowadays, this is no longer a very popular holiday but through the 1970s it was the most important of the Christmas feasts in […]

Choirs, Gospels, Ballets and all the Best Shows of your Christmas Holidays in Rome!

christmas show pic3

Concerts, dance shows, circus performances. Christmas time in Rome has a rich program of events that liven up your winter holidays.   Despite the never-ending economic crisis Rome still has the energy and the enthusiasm to produce, invest and create in culture and entertainment. The resources are very limited and budgets are thinning but Rome’s […]

Conquering Rome; The Study Abroad Experience


It has been four months that I have been a resident and student of Rome. Four months of a foreign country, four months of getting lost, four months of trying to fit together bits and pieces of a completely different language, four months of new experiences, new scenery, new lessons, new food and new friends, […]

Thanksgiving: Bringing a Taste of America to Rome


The last Thursday in the month of November is one of significance in American culture: it’s the day when we take a moment to stop and celebrate with the ones we love over a home cooked meal and give thanks for the blessings we have received throughout the course of the year. It is a […]

2013 Thanksgiving in Rome: A weekend of Food, Lunches, Dinners, Games and Celebrations!


Thanksgiving is not a holiday in Italy, and actually few Italian know what it is. But in Rome there are many occasions to celebrate this important feast for Americans since the resident US community is big, as well as the number of tourists from America.   Let’s start with the high end events organized by […]

Why is Pope Francis Always in White? It’s For Much More Than Just A Colour Preference….


The first time Jorge Bergoglio appeared as Pope Francis, on March 13, you might have noticed that something was missing: the typical red cape. It was no coincidence, no style whim, it was the start of a new deal….   COLOURS MATTER Colours do have a meaning for the Catholic Church, in particular when it comes to […]

Summer 2013: Despite the Heat, Rome Offers Many Events in July!

castle s.angelo by night

The summer has definitively started and the rising temperature are clear evidence of that. But very few people seem to have left Rome. Business as usual, and entertainment as usual in the Eternal City in July! Here’s our selection of some of the most interesting events in Rome and surroundings.   Extraordinary openings Two of […]

Experience Trastevere’s charm by tasting some of Rome’s finest food


Italy is known for its spectacular food, and many Italians pride themselves on their ability to make dishes into absolute masterpieces. That being said, going on a food tour on a Friday night in Rome seemed like the perfect way to sample traditional Italian food and learn something along the way. The tour I went […]

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